YouTube Adds Video Previews to their Videos

After Dailymotion and other video based websites, YouTube has now finally added the video preview feature to their videos.

The feature will be gradually rolled out globally to users to experience the new YouTube. Laptop and PC users will be more excited as they may take the lead to use the feature first than the mobile users.

When you roll the cursor over a video, it plays a quick preview of the entire video in a few seconds. This will allow the users to either watch the video or move onto the next one.
The previews can only be viewed in Chrome (versions 32 and above) and Opera (versions 19 and above) browsers on the web.

YouTube Enters the Competition Now :-
The service of video previewing was available on websites like Dailymotion and Vimeo. However, YouTube is late to the party, but it is more likely to get more viewers. Dailymotion and Vimeo won’t be affected as they are held to their own ground. Many people will rejoice when the feature will be released everywhere.

Eligibility for Preview :-
To have a 3-second preview for any video, then it is necessary that the video must last longer than 30 seconds. Videos less than 30 seconds will not be eligible for a generated preview.

AI Generated :-
The process is AI Generated, it is not valid for Live videos on YouTube or any 360 degree video. YouTube might work on these issues but for the time being this feature will let them boost their rating and viewers more than any other websites.