US gifts a sculpture to France but makes the French pay for it

US have more or less turned into a lame joke when it comes to popular culture, and make no mistake, it all started after the Americans, intellectual, decided to vote for Donald Trump.

Former US ambassador to France Jeff Koons donated a $3.4 million monumental sculpture, as announced in November 2016, to honor the victims of the 2015 terror attacks in Paris.

The sculpture called ‘Bouquet of Tulips’, a hand holding a bouquet of balloon tulips, is a 40 feet high structure currently under construction situated in a plaza some blocks away from the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Jeff Koons merely donated the idea to the city of Paris but didn’t pay for it. The required funds for the construction are to be raised by a private foundation, which basically means the French will have to pay for the so-called gift by the Americans.

Former US ambassador to France Jeff Koons – ©NY Times

Influential personalities in the fields of art and politics from the French side called it more of a coup for the artist and his private donors than for Paris.

Isabel Pasquier, an art critic at France Inter, one of the country’s leading public radio stations said “They presented this bouquet as symbolic present to Paris, but then we realized it wasn’t exactly a present, since France had to pay to install it,

Whether you appreciate his art or not,” she added, “Jeff Koons is a businessman, and we quickly understood that he was offering Paris to himself as a present”