Poetry: I’ve Seen Everything

I've seen everything

Entremuse Poetry

I’ve encountered little souls departing
I’ve seen women crying and men torturing,

I’ve seen people dying from hunger and misery
I’ve comprehended a broken heart’s pain and mystery,
I’ve felt the brightness and shining of the golden sun
I’ve endured knives in my heart and poison in my lungs,
I’ve seen more love and loyalty in animals than in humans
I’ve perceived people ripping each other’s hearts out without any confusion,
I’ve seen pretty faces with ugly hearts
I’ve discerned two souls connected to each other even when they’re apart,
I’ve discovered life in ruined places
I’ve spotted vacant souls behind these happy faces,
I’ve seen teenagers self harming and dying
I’ve seen girls crying and boys lying,
Alas! I’ve found the reality of life, not in these smiles and city lights
But in old folk’s hearts and in lonely nights.


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