Best Hangout Spots in Lahore

Lahore, being the heart of Pakistan is best known for two things; the cultural heritage and the famous Lahori cuisine but that’s not all that is offered by this beautiful, culture-rich city. There is a vast range of restaurants and other kind of hangout places, from swanky restaurants to places with some of the best traditional Lahori food along with the best view of the century-old buildings. For visitors and locals alike, it is very important to take a break from the busy routine and hangout with friends and family, with a cup of coffee so here are some of Lahore’s most frequently visited hangout spots.

Food Street and Old Lahore

Lahore’s food street is popular throughout South-Asia

The food street is a centre of traditional Pakistani food, surrounded by historic buildings like Badshahi mosque and the Lahore Fort. It is one of Lahore’s most unique tourist attraction. The food street is not only about food but it also incorporates in worth watching historical architecture.

Mall One

Mall One being the new favourite hangout spot for teenagers, is more like an in-door mall with street side cafes. With a perfect ambiance, Mall One not only has some of the very best cafes like Mocca and Pantry, it also has a vide range of shopping stores to shop from.

Packages Mall

Lahoris seem to really enjoy the newly built Packages Mall which is an ultimate place for entertainment, great food and all the best niche brands to shop from. Packages mall not only has the best shopping stores, but also has almost all of the famous cafes and restaurants. It hasn’t been a really long time since this mall was opened but it has been getting remarkable responses and is gaining a loyal following from Lahoris.

Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans, Phase 5

Gloria jeans is what the visitors call their home when they want to relax and have an easy meal. This place has attracted the crowd of not only teenagers, but you will definitely see someone sitting with their headphones plugged in while they continue to work on their laptops. Gloria Jeans is famous for many things, a few being the ‘phaddas’ and the crowd.

Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra is not like any other place in Lahore. The feel of the place gives a dream like experience of a restaurant in the suburbs of Rome. People come sit by the fire place during chilly winters while they enjoy their coffee. In summers, visitors enjoy their ice cream while they sit and chit chat. This place has some of the. det pizzas in town. Cosa Nostra caters a crowd of every age group which is what it is famous for.

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