India to become the 2nd largest smartphone market by 2019

India to become the 2nd largest phone market by 2019

India is one of world’s top countries when it comes to IT and so the possibility that India could surpass the US to take up the second spot in terms of smartphone users has been predicted for a while now. China still sits on top of the world in the smartphone market though.

India is anticipated to grab almost 15 percent of the world’s smartphone market share, while the US will drop down to third place with a market share of 10 percent. China, which currently has a 31 percent market share, is expected to remain number one.

India to become the 2nd largest phone market by 2019
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India’s population (well over 1 billion) is the most decisive factor in the ever-increasing demand for smartphones and plus the availability of affordable devices from Chinese companies such Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and many others sky-rocket it well past the US or any other country for that matter.

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The demand for smartphones is also expected to increase in other emerging markets as well like Brazil, for example. That’s why more and more manufacturers are trying to increase their presence in these markets. Xiaomi, for example, has opened a second factory in India, said to be capable of producing one smartphone per second during operational hours. Samsung also sees a bright future in India and has recently announced its plan to double the size of its existing production plant in the country.