A two-faced world

Written by: Zarmeena Kamal
Two faced world
We’re soulless bodies of flesh and blood
We’re two faced people without belief on our end
We never let our internal desires to embarrass us
We’re not what we pretend
We hide our talents to stay normal
We make our internal monsters strong
And get scared of them
the book of death is burning in our eyes
The evil of world is controlling our physical reactions
Our souls are pure
They’re not made of flesh
They’re made of our perception
OUR real feelings
OUR thinking
our soul is all about what we actually perceive
our soul is all about how we actually feel
our soul is all about how we actually see the world
There is both good and bad in the world
It depends on us, how we choose to act
We’re the one who give the power to good or evil
We make them stronger or weaker
In this two faced world
We have to choose between good or bad
In the world
In ourselves