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Writings: Happiness… What else?




Happy people are those who find happiness in little things and celebrate them wholeheartedly. To them, life is like dessert, by pouring honey of their sweet emotions, sugar of their loveliness, chocolate of their sincerity, cream of their purity, and berries of their livelihood they make this dessert happylicious.

Such people not only enjoy their life but also are a source of happiness for people around them by spreading smiles on everyone’s face. We don’t need to go far in search of happiness, in fact happiness is scattered everywhere around us.

We can call it our bad luck that even after picking up diamonds around us, we crave for stars up in the sky. Whereas happy people neither hunt diamonds nor crave for stars, they simply pickup an ordinary rock and paint them as beautifully as they can. When people see these painted rocks, they admire the efforts of happy people, moreover, wish they could do the same too.

These people remain happy because they never dream about fantasies, instead they create beauty in facts. Complaining about adversities of life isn’t their habit. Instead, they convert adversity into prosperityThey’re equipped with a very strong weapon, which is, undoubtedly, ‘that killer of a smile.’

Enjoying rain, making paper boats,
feeling raindrops upon your face, staring at the clouds drifting by,
praising dawn and dusk,
watching that one tree in your background as raindrops trickle down from one leaf to another,
dancing in the moonlight,
waiting for the rainbow to appear,
taking deep breath in cool breeze,
feeling the fragrance of rain,
splashing your feet in puddles with your friends,
playing with snow,
gazing at green mountains,
and walking in the sea.

What else do you need?

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Poetry: Darkness



Hurled I love yous
Strewn at walls,
Hope falls silent
Fatal falls.

Strike my words
And make them bleed
While I lie meaningless, cold

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Writings: Something Magical



Sitting on my bed at night, I loved how the moonlight lit up my notebook. I felt some glitter in the moonlight and touched it eagerly, moonlight was cool and lovely. There was something special which dragged me outta my bed. I closed my diary stepped out of my bed and walked towards the backyard barefooted. As I entered the backyard the cold grass crisped beneath my feet, cold dew drops soothed my mind and i felt a fresh wave inside my body which made me perfectly happy. I sat on the bench and started staring the sky which was like a crystal light. Lovely and enchanting.

The purple velvet of sky and silver lining of the moonlight worked perfectly together with a magical dust of star’s glitter sprinkled all over. It seemed as if fairies are having some royal event tonight..I was lost in this incredible night view when something sat on my nose it was like a little lantern that lit up my face in the dark night, i gently held it in my hand and gave that firefly a gentle blow that firefly flew up in the air and joined his fellow fireflies.. they were like small lanterns flying up in the air dancing beautifully. Different insect and bugs were creating sounds which together made a mellow lullaby.. I was moving my feet back and forth in amazement, I was in love with the night...

I was wondering why I never saw this heavenly view before. We are so busy with our robotic lives that we have no time to stop and stare for a while. God had created a beautiful world for us but no one has captured the enchantment of darkness and its eternally reigning queen; the night. Our fantastic civilization has fallen out of touch with many aspects of nature in fact it is full of people who have not the slightest notion of the character or the poetry of night and who have never even seen night. Yet to live thus, to know only artificial night, is as absurd and evil as to know only artificial day. Night is very beautiful  It is the true other half of the day’s tremendous wheel; no lights without meaning stab or trouble it; it is beauty, it is fulfillment, it is rest. Thin clouds float in these heavens, the Milky Way bridges earth and sky…

Night is a time when you can relax, think and wonder. It is not only about sleeping and dreaming but there is something more than that… Something magical.

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Writings: Emotional Landscapes



As I sit back and think about what I’m thankful for, I’ve settled on one thing that seems to have made the difference in my life over and over again – I’m thankful that I believe in myself.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t the sense of intelligence, a chance at opportunities, or even resources. It’s the belief that they can make their goals happen.

“Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself.”

Try talking to yourself like a champion instead of listening to yourself as a victim.

To put yourself on the track to success, you need to understand that your brain always plays against you. It doesn’t care about your big goals, the only thing it wants is to keep you alive – rather surviving. Therefore, we experience self-doubt, negative thinking, anxiety, and what not. The surefire way to overcome these obstacles is to truly believe in yourself.

It’s never too late to start over. If you aren’t happy with your yesterday, try something new today.

Don’t stay stuck; do better.



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